Giacomo Mazzocato

Hi, do you need a web site or a custom graphic template for wordpress? Here you find a mini template and site gallery I have created, if you specially like one of them, I can customize it for you in a shorter time. Please contact me via mail!

News: the blog! with updates, comments and proposals for the site. Here's a tool to improve the readability of web pages (the accessibility color wheel), a funny anagram generator, an Italian rhyming dictionary to find the words that rhyme with a word of your choice, a java example project for didactic purpose and the description of a job I did during college years.

The latter is an example of programming in the area of ​​linguistics which could be a start point.

Accessibility color wheel

This is a tool which can help in choosing the colors to use for instance on a web page. For the accessibility of a site the text and background color should be such as to make it readable even to those who do not have a perfect vision.

The page with this tool tries to help in this task by analyzing the contrast between a pair of colors and showing how color-blind people will see it.

If the contrast between the colors is good, a checkmark will appear.

You can also analyze whether the colors are good in case of normal vision and for every specific kind of color blindness.

Please let me know what you think of it!

Let's anagram

In this page you can find the anagrams of a phrase you have entered. The anagrams of a phrase are the different phrases that can be build using the same letters of the original in different order. For instance an anagram of A Homer Simpson is Mr Homo Sapiens.

Anagrams can be generated in italian or english. I hope you enjoy it!


Here is a rhyming dictionary which allows you to find out what words rhyme with a word of your choice. The rhymes are searched in the Italian language. You can use it for example to compose text in verse.

Past projects

I've put online two projects I did during the college years. I make them available for purely demonstrative purposes.

Here is a java program that I developed for a programming class and here is the description of a work done in c++ on the properties of the italian language.