Accessibility Color Wheel

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Choose a foreground color by pointing the mouse over the wheel or the vertical grey gradation strip and click or, if you have a touch screen, just touch them. Then click the "Background" button and choose a background color the same way. If a checkmark becomes visible the color pair is good for accessibility. Otherwise change one color or both by selecting foreground or background with the buttons.

ok not ok

Alt Text!
Vertical grey gradation strip




This box shows the colors with normal vision.

* You can enter an hex value (3 or 6 digits) in this box

Algorithm (here's an explanation of the implemented algorithms)

Values and examples


Deuteranopia is insensitivity to green. This box simulates the vision of deuteranope (partially color blind) people.


Protanopia is insensitivity to red. This box simulates the vision of protanope (partially color blind) people.


Tritanopia is very rare and is insensitivity to blue. This box simulates the vision of tritanope (partially color blind) people.

Accessibility Color Wheel version 3.1 by Giacomo Mazzocato
Based on the Color Wheel by Jemima Pereira

Tests by Thierry Tardif: Alpha Design and Julie Deganutti: Jade Black Design

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